2019 is the year to be MAD (Making A Difference) for God. It's the year for you to take a leap of faith because you have God's backing. And if God is on your side, who can be against you? (Romans 8:31). We see from the scriptures that that when God gives a person vision,... Continue Reading →

Sin Sin literally means to ‘miss the mark’. In the Christian context, it means disobedience to God’s moral law. The bible makes it clear that we have all failed in keeping with God’s moral standard. Sin brings spiritual death, that is, separation from God. No person on earth is able to perfectly keep God’s moral... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Mystery In History

There's a part of human nature that loves mysteries. I believe this may explain why TV programmes such as the X-files and Sherlock Holmes attracted millions of viewers. The main focus of this article is to explore the greatest mystery in history. Although there have been many great and mysterious events such as people surviving... Continue Reading →

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