The Faith lessons  

  1. Faith is obeying God even if the circumstances are not favourable.
  2. Preaching faith is not the same as having faith. 
  3. When God commands you to accomplish a task, it means He has made the necessary resources available, even if you can’t see it. 
  4. If you can trust man, then you should trust God. 
  5. God is my Provider. 
  6. God will never let you down. 
  7. See challenges as opportunities for God to demonstrate His power in your life.

The Praise Lessons

  1. Have a grateful attitude towards God 
  2. Prayer is more effective with praise 
  3. Praise should be daily activity not a Sunday activity. 
  4. Live a lifestyle of praise. 

Vision, Dreams and Purpose lessons

  1. Build quality relationships. 
  2. If your vision is from God, you’ll need the help of others.
  3. Always pray for destiny helpers. 
  4. I need to bear with the weaknesses of others, the same way I expect them to bear with mine. 
  5. I need to support the work of others, in the same way I want them to support mine. 

Obedience lessons

  1. My obedience/ disobedience to Christ will affect many destinies. 
  2. Holiness makes you bold before God 
  3. Disobedience is dangerous 
  4. Compromise is dangerous 
  5. Humility is acknowledging God as the source of your success 
  6. God works all things out for our good and for His glory 

Gifts and Talents lessons

  1. Always ask yourself this, “How can I be a blessing to my world?”
  2. There are people out there who need my gift.  
  3. Be around people who support and appreciate your gift.  
  4. I have unlimited potential in me. 
  5. God will use you to the extent that you allow Him to. 
  6. You have no reason to envy someone else, work with what God has given you. 


  1. When you fall, get back up.  
  2. You’re precious in God’s sight. 



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