5 Things Every Student Must Know In Order To Succeed

5 Things Every Student Must Know In Order To Succeed

1. Your education is more important than your friends

When I was 13 years old, acceptance meant more to me than good grades. Although I really wanted to do well at school, I also really wanted to fit in. I hanged out after school with my friends. I did very well at school but I definitely could have done better if I accepted this motto and run with it.

I learnt my lessons from my school years and so during my time at university, I refused to go to any event until my assignments were completed or near completion. I always stuck to my guns and never gave in. There were times when I was under pressure to give in but I never did. That helped to do very well at university.
You can lose your friends but your grades will follow you for life.

2. Sacrifice is a must in the school of success

You have only 24 hours in a day so you have limited time to get everything done. You can’t be at every event. You need to set your priorities and put your assignments first. A lot of the time, I see young people hanging out in their school uniforms after school until late in the evening, running around like headless chickens when they probably have assignments to finish. You need to sacrifice some of your social life in order to succeed.

3. Diligence

Related to sacrifice is diligence. You can make sacrifices and still waste time by not doing the assignment you’re supposed to. Having taught in secondary schools, I’ve seen students who waste time and play around when it’s time to work. When they get told off, they turn around and accuse the teacher of picking on them. Most of such young people turn to fail and fail very well. You need to work!

4. Build good relationship with teachers 
Contrary to what some young people may think, teachers are not your enemies. They’re there to push you to achieve your dreams. Although you may not like all your teachers you still need to build a good rapport with them. By doing that, they’re more likely to do you favours and put in more effort to help you succeed. Not liking a teacher is not an excuse to give them a hard time. You’re harming your future by doing that. Have a good relationship with teachers.

5. If you don’t understand just ask for help. 
Asking is a major tool in the school of success. Even the bible encourages us to ask and we shall receive. The same concept applies here. I’ve seen many students not asking for help until the crunch time, such as near a test or exam period. This puts them under unnecessary stress and intense pressure, which can lead to related health issues. Don’t leave it late; if in doubt ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you look like a dummy, failing does.


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