5 Mistakes I Made In My Late Teens (16 To 19 Years).

Not Laying My Foundation

When I was in my first year in 6th form, I didn’t work hard and failed miserably. I had a natural academic ability that helped me to sail through my GCSEs*. I made a mistake and thought I could get away with doing very little work but I was very wrong. I had to retake the year, which set me back a whole year. I could and should have been a year ahead of where I am today. 

Ungodly And Unnecessary Relationships

Friends are influential whether we want to admit it or not. I followed friends and got into relationships because it was fashionable at the time. That was a major reason why I didn’t do as well in my A-levels. I was more interested in those relationships than my studies and spent a lot of time on the phone rather than my homework. Don’t get into a relationship when you’re not ready for marriage. It’s a waste of time and you get into compromising situation that may lead to heartbreak or even worse, sexual sin. 

Wasting My Time

I wasted my time and spent a lot of it on unprofitable activities. I hear a lot of young people say, “let me enjoy life now and get serious later”. Yes enjoy your life by all means but don’t waste your time. While you’re messing around and not taking life seriously, some of your peers are putting steps in place for the future they want.

When you are finally ready to start building, your peers will be ahead of you because they made the most of their time, when you were “enjoying life”. Make the most of your time. Time is a precious commodity that you can never get back. Respect time! 

Not Getting A Mentor

I should have got a mentor from a young age. It is one of my regrets in life. I made some mistakes when it came to career choices and I just thank God that things have worked out in the end. However, I believe that I would have been further in life if I had one.

Today, I have a mentor who is extremely helpful. When something is bothering me and I speak to my mentor, he solves it in seconds. Mentors have rich experience that you don’t have. They have already been through what you’re going through. Experience is not the best teacher because there are some experiences that can badly set you back in life. Mentors will help you to avoid those very costly mistakes. Get a mentor. 

Not Investing in quality relationships

This may surprise many of you who know me but in my family, I’m perceived to be antisocial. That’s because I didn’t understand the value of relationships. People are assets; people are a blessing; people are resources. Invest (time and money) into relationships that will get you further in life.  Even Jesus needed 12 men to fulfil His assignment, Joseph (the son of Jacob) needed two and we do too. That is why networking has become a big phenomenon in our day. We have finally realised the importance of relationships.

God bless you.


*General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs): a system of public exams taken in various subjects from the age of about 16 in Secondary schools in the UK.

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